About me

Van de Kuytenbergh

Schotse Herdershond Korthaar kennel

About me..

My name is Joke Ackermans,


I live in a small town, near by Maastricht in the south of the dutch province Limburg.

We live here in an old farm house, attacht to the fields maddows and woodlands.


In this lovley countryside, we take our daily walks.



I am a dogcare professional,

in 2008 i Qualified as a Groomer

in 2009 & 2010 I followd a cours about breeding, genatics and healt of dogs. given by our dutch kennelclub.

between 2012 and 2014 I qualified as a dog trainer.

I hope these educations i followd will help me to be a good dog owner and breeder.


Smooth collie

Why did i fell in love with a smoothie.


In January 2013 Is after much deliberation, Pearly Princess Linda's Hoeve came to live with me. I call her Nina.

I knew for a long time that I wanted a smooth collie. I had fallen for their gentle character and lovely streamlined appearance. And the soft sweet look in there eyes. Certainly the Blue Merle has such soft friendly appearance.

But since I am now completely infected with the smooth collie bug I can also appreciate the Tri-colors or Sable collies verry much.



Now I just can't immagen not having a smooth collie by my side!


Together with Nina I followd different obedients courses. and with every course I coudn't believe how smart en easy learning the smooth collies are. even at a very young age she did the highest level obedients course at de dog school where I was teaching.. I am so proud of her.. She does very well in obedience. But agility is her favorite.


Beside my work in my own grooming salon, and training and long walks, I like to visit shows with nina. Not every week, we just pick out som intresting shows. This makes sure that exhibiting nina at shows stays a nice day out for Nina and Me.


The name of my Kennel originates at the hill we live en walk on every day... this is the starting point of my road in to the futere with my dogs.